About Night Visitor Video

Night Visitor Video is a DIY VHS shop specializing in creating limited edition videos of old, hard-to-find horror titles, and releasing them on VHS! Our releases feature original artwork and have unique inserts included, and at the moment all releases are on colored VHS shells. You can check what’s up for sale right now at our Storenvy Store.

As for me, I’m an avid horror VHS collector and fan, living in Los Angeles.  Like most videovores, I spent the majority of my youth scouring through the horror section at the local video store with my best friend; renting only the greatest movies – the ones with the hand painted covers and the goriest pictures on the back.  Night Visitor Video is a call to that time.

Keep checking the page, because everything will get updated here first! And there might even be some super secret releases for the hardcore fans, but I can’t talk about that because it’s…you know…super secret.

Thanks – Nathan




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