23 Apr

Fake Bands in Real Horror Movies!: Future Kill

Future Kill! Commonly touted as the quintessential example of the best cover for a bad movie (and I’m not here to disagree)! The poster/VHS cover was designed by ALIEN designer H.R. Giger, so, yeah, it’s great! And it looks nothing like the cardboard costumes within. But maybe you came to this movie for its cardboard.

How many kids rented this for 5 days and cried for 4 of them?

The movie’s description sounds better than it is. It’s Animal House meets Land of Doom but it’s a horror movie and it stars a few actors from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s also somehow boring. But the music is amazing!

Right about the time I was about to shut this thing off, and put in “Demon Wind” for the 6th time – the characters enter a post apocalyptic new wave club – there’s a band on stage playing a song that I tried and failed at Shazaming. Don’t worry…I figured it out, so I’ll be your Shazam today.

The song is “Xerox” and the band is Max and the Make Ups!

So here’s what I found out about these guys. Max and the MakeUps consisted of Jon Howard, Max Gottlieb, Karl Remstem, Lisa Gamache, and Mike Alvarez. They formed in Austin, Texas in 1981. They recorded 3 EPs from 1981 to 1983, but none of them were released at the time. The band toured the Southwest for nearly four years before disbanding in 1984. All of their songs were mastered on cassettes, except “Xerox” – which was the one song mixed in an actual studio. Currently all of their music is available on Mike Alvarez’s Not Records Tapes label and it’s all free on their site, so check it out, download their tunes, make mix tapes.

And watch out for those pesky anti-nuke mutants!

Max and the Make Ups!