3 Jun

First Time Frights! : DAWN OF THE DEAD

The first time I saw 1978’s “Dawn of the Dead,” I was 13 & I was in bed, wearing an eye patch; ordered there by my doctor for “one week of bed rest with as little eye movement as possible.” Just a few days earlier my best friend shot me in the eye during a painful (very painful) BB gun battle.  He didn’t mean to shoot me in the eye, of course.  It was just a lucky shot. Lucky/unlucky is what I call it.  Unlucky because he shot me in the most damaging and painful spot on my body, but lucky, because he also managed to miss – by one millimeter – the spot where I would’ve lost all sight in that eye. When I hit the ground screaming, I had a rush of regret.  “Oh shit,” I thought, “I’m that stupid kid from A Christmas Story.”


I went to the optometrist and he sent me home with a not-so-fun eye patch, and the order to stay in bed for one week while my eye healed. I couldn’t move around at all. No showers, no walks (except to the toilet).  I couldn’t even read a book (which was no problem for me because I was 13 and the only books I read had Batman in them).  Movies were what the doctor ordered.  I sent my Mom out to the 2 local video rentals with a long list of movies I wanted to watch.

She came back home with a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock movies, some old Gumby tapes (I was going through a big Gumby phase at the time. I was even in the Gumby fan club!) and all 3 tapes from George Romero’s Dead trilogy. At that point, I had only seen “Night of the Living Dead,” so since I was stuck in bed with a doctor-prescribed week-long order to watch as many movies as possible – I wanted to see the entire trilogy in one sitting.

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27 Jan

Discoveries: 2015!

2015 is over & done.  I consumed a lot of great art (old & new) and here’s a list of my favorite things I discovered in 2015.

Favorite blu-ray: NIGHTMARE (1981)


I love that “Nightmare” received a proper blu-ray release from Codered.  It manages to rip off Halloween and The Shining, but stand on its own by upping the trash (a lot of the movie takes place in that old filthy version of NYC that’s now extinct!) There’s also a surprisingly earnest subplot involving divorced parents that’s really well handled, and that might be the biggest shock of the whole movie.

Favorite record: BELABORIS: “ONCE UPON A TIME…” (1982)


A sort of 80s Finnish New Wave version of The Spice Girls, Belaboris (their name taken from combining Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff) was a producer created band – made to capitalize on the synth-pop craze of the early 80s. They bombed back then, and quickly disbanded, but holy shit does this music hold up well today.  This LP collects all of Belaboris’ EPs, and it’s a great album to throw on at parties (especially parties that look like this…)

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25 Jun

VHSwap Buy or Die fest 3 featuring NIGHT VISITOR VIDEO!

Night Visitor Video’s setting up a table this Sunday (6/28) at VHSwap: Buy or Die fest 3 in Burbank!



We’ll be selling some vintage horror VHS, Halloween Party comics, old Fangorias, the rest of our Scream Bloody Murder tapes, and we’ll also be unleashing NVV 03 at the event – 1983’s Demons of Ludlow!



It’s limited to 20 hand numbered videos on GHOSTLY WHITE VHS stock with 1 CORPSE BLUE variant! It comes with a trading card, a one page comic, and its loaded with trailers and a never before seen horror short – TERROR EYES!



The store will be down on Sunday during the convention, but on Monday (6/29) it will be back up with however many of these tapes are left up for sale at our STORE!  Grab ’em while you can!



22 Apr

Tomorrow (4/23): Scream Bloody Murder VHS FOR SALE!!

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 23rd) at 8am PST we are RELEASING our second video for Night Visitor Video – SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!! We’re limiting the run to 20 hand-numbered tapes in BLOOD RED and a single tape in VIRGIN WHITE. Plus every tape comes with an original comic and an exclusive SCREAM BLOODY MURDER double-sided trading card! Once they’re gone, they’re gone; so be sure to check out our STORE  Tomorrow, April 23 at 8am PST!


9 Apr


The latest release from






The 1973 slasher that was the first movie (and only movie) to be dubbed a: GORNOGRAPHY is on its way from Night Visitor Video!  My girlfriend – Sonya – and I have been working tirelessly to get this thing done and done well.  The video itself is looking really slick.  Like our first release its chock full of trailers and various odds and ends.  And as always, It will also include a 1 page comic and trading card!

Here’s a glimpse of the cover (pre-scans and minus the title, etc.)…


The art is all original, drawn by me and colored by Sonya.  I love how bright it all turned out.  This time around, Sonya painted it, and I think the outcome is gorgeous…almost Argento-like in its vibrancy.

The tape itself also is colorful.  I think you’ll be able to guess the color of the tape stock on this one…



There will also be one color variant that I’ll announce later!

We’re in the midst of dubbing the tapes (we’re about half way there) and tomorrow I’m heading to the printers to get the sleeves, comic, and trading card set.  So this thing is expected to release within the month!  Stay tuned for more info, more pics (the trading card is beautiful!), and also there are only 6 copies of Memorial Valley Massacre at this very moment at our STORE, and I think they’ll be gone once this one gets released – so if you’re interested – NOW IS THE TIME!  😉

Thanks for coming by!

– Nathan

13 Mar

TOMORROW (3/14): Memorial Valley Massacre VHS FOR SALE!!

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 14) at 8am PST we are RELEASING our first video for Night Visitor Video – MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE!! We’re limiting the run to 20 hand-numbered tapes in Grassy Green and a single tape in Cave-Dweller Brown. Plus every tape comes with an original comic and an exclusive Memorial Valley Massacre double-sided trading card! Once they’re gone, they’re gone; so be sure to check out our STORE  Tomorrow, March 14 at 8am PST!
Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!


Memorial Valley_Cover_cropped

2 Mar

Discoveries: 2014!

2014’s been over for a while, but it’s never too late for a list – so here’s my favorite discoveries from the year: 2014!

Favorite blu-ray: DEATH SPA (1989)

photo (1)

Death Spa has everything I love in one movie!  There’s 80s aerobics sequences, splattery gore, overly complicated romantic plots, demons, evil computers, and it ends with a costume party!  It’s meant to watch in a group, so grab a copy and gather your friends.  You will not be disappointed.

Favorite record: Lewis: “L’amour” (1983)

photo copy

A lot of music blogs have been telling this story for a while, so I’ll just paraphrase it here: 31 years ago a guy named Randy Wulff recorded this album.  It had a limited pressing, and faded to obscurity.  In 2007, a Canadian record collector rediscovered it, and played it for the right people.  A reissue was pressed, and it’s the bees knees. The music itself is sleepy and smooth with spikes of synth layered underneath.  It sounds so perfectly now that a lot of music fans are calling the whole thing a conspiracy.  Maybe there never was a Lewis.  Maybe someone at the record company – Light in the Attic dug up some old 80s photos of this Randy guy, and created the ultimate music find – an old musician with the “hipness” of today.  For the record, I don’t really care – I love this album.

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19 Feb

First VHS Release In Progress!

We’re so close to releasing our first limited run of VHS for Night Visitor Video! All the artwork and inserts are finalized, and are at the printers as we speak. This whole process has been a steep learning curve, but I’m really happy with how it’s all turning out so far! I thought I’d update with some pictures of the process so far, and finally reveal the title of our first release…

Did you know what the guts of a VHS look like?


All our tapes will come with an awesome Horror Trading Card, made especially for this release!


And the first release is…

MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE will be our first release!! There’s only a few final steps to go, so we’ll be finishing them sometime in the next few weeks. There’s going to be a limited run of 20, so be sure to keep checking back to order your copy!