25 Jul

Jason’s Jumble: Friday the 13th

I’m a sucker for movie lists. I love to scribble down pointless lists of movies I’ve watched. I love to look up fan lists on the internet, and get mad at how wrong they are. With “Jason’s Jumble” I’m going to make my own lists, so you can get mad at me…starting with my favorite horror franchise of all time: Friday the 13th (from best to worst).

1. Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Let me tell you the legend of Madman Marz. Or Jason. Or Angela.

Part 2 has everything I want in a Friday the 13th movie (minus the hockey mask, of course). It features my favorite cast of characters, including the best “final girl” of the series, and there’s something about Jason wearing that sack over his head that makes the whole thing creepier than the rest. Throw in Jason’s Mom’s head (spoiler alert?! We’ve all seen these, right?), and the camp setting (I’m a sucker for slashers that take place at camp! (MADMAN! SLEEPAWAY CAMP!) and you have my favorite of the bunch.

2. Friday the 13th: Part 4 – The Final Chapter (1984)

Jason never met a cabin door he didn’t like.

I go back and forth between part 4 and part 2 as my favorite of the franchise. They’re both so good! I’ll be totally real with you…there are only two reasons this one falls from the top spot: 1. It doesn’t take place at camp. We’ve established my feelings on the subject. And 2. Wait, no, that’s it.

If Friday the 13th were just a quadrilogy, this one might be on the top of the list. The ending (with all of those Savini effects) is so fun (Jason’s best demise for sure)! It features Crispin Glover AND Corey Feldman! And it has some of the most iconic death scenes. Damn, I’m almost convincing myself to move it up a spot. I will say that it’s a bit of a bummer that the beginning of the 5th one takes some of the air out of the bold ending of “The Final Chapter” – but that’s what 5th installments are for I guess (I’m looking at you Halloween 5).

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