21 May

Video Pick of the Week: The New Kids (1985)

One aspect of the old era of video rentals that I loved and dearly miss is the video pick of the week. One video (usually one with a lot of dust on its cover) was picked and propped up on the counter as the movie to rent that week. Since the video rentals of yesteryear are all but dead and buried – I thought that I might take on the challenge (at least digitally) of picking one movie a week that I highly recommend.

This week my video pick is 1985’s “The New Kids”

This is a movie as good as its cover!

Directed by Sean S. Cunningham (Friday the 13th) and starring Lori Loughlin, James Spader, Tom Atkins, and Eric Stoltz. What a line up! This is one of those great 80s movies that sets up a playful tone up top and then shifts gradually into a very violent third act (much like a future video pick of the week: 1984’s “Scream for Help.”)

James Spader’s best gif performance!

It’s about a brother and sister duo, who move into their uncle and aunt’s broke down amusement park following their parents’ tragic death. As they settle into their new surroundings, the local hot headed sociopath (Spader) starts to notice Abby (Loughlin) and events are set into motion that lead to an all out battle between the local psychos and who else?… THE NEW KIDS.

“Who paid your tuition?”

There’s lots of ways to watch this one. If you’re like me – you track down the video, but there’s also a brand new blu ray with one of those like’em or leave’em retro VHS covers.

Look kids, a fake old thing!

Still not convinced to watch this gem? Well, just for fun, here’s a fan made music video made only with footage from “The New Kids.” Caution: Spoilers await you:

When it’s over … you’ll want to watch The New Kids.